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Angel's Call Idle Maintenance 08/23 @ 14:00 GMT+8

Time: 08/23/2022 14:00 p.m (GMT+8)

Duration: 6 Hour

Maintenance Affected Server(s): All servers


1. Divine Gear (Clear main quest stage 100 to unlock)

Divine Gear: Equip Divine Gear to improve battle stats and power. Equip the entire set of Divine Gear to improve more.

Activation: Clear main quest stage 100 to unlock.

Entry: Click a random Hero stats interface, and then click Divine Gear.


1. Heaven Dungeon

2. Pray (click Divine Gear - Pray. Use Earth Keepsake and Diamond to Pray.)

3. Divine Gear Market

Related events:

Divine Gear time-limited event (activate Divine Gear to unlock, lasts for 7 days and only appears once)


Divine Gear quest: Complete the required quests to receive rewards.

Cumulative Prayers: Pray a certain number of times to receive rewards.

Divine Gear Pack: Buy Divine Gear packs.


1. Updated the quiz of Heaven Adventure.

2. Fixed the issue in Infinite Abyss where a friend's Hero could not be deployed in Solo mode.

3. A red dot notification will be displayed on the avatar when a new Hero is obtained; change the avatar for the first time to claim 50 Diamonds.

4. A red dot notification will be displayed on the avatar tab when a new Hero is obtained.